Indian at heart, American in spirit


Dear Visitor,

It has come to my attention that you don't know who I am. Well, that's...completely understandable, actually. We'll change that.

And if you do know me and you're 'checking' me out, maybe there's something new to discover.

talk soon,


I think telling a great story is such an amazing thing.

It's such a special way to connect to someone. To relate to someone.

A great story starts with a vision, an idea.

An idea grows into a world with themes, conflict and people




You know that feeling you get when you watch something inspiring, scary, exciting, daunting, emphatic, tender or whatever it may be, and it touches you in a way you can't escape? I love that feeling. And that feeling is exponential when you follow that idea from exploration to creation to sharing / distribution. To reach people with something that was so personal to me...that's powerful.