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It has come to my attention that you don't know who I am. Well, that's...completely understandable, actually. We'll change that.

And if you do know me and you're 'checking' me out, maybe there's something new to discover.

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It's absolutely incredible what a good story can do for me. That feeling you get when you relate to someone, and you want to do what they did, or you want to stop them from making the biggest mistake of their lives, or when you think they're problems are comparable to yours. Stories tap into our subconscious, they force us to introspect, whether we know it or not. Stories transcend careers, people, cultures and countries.

The kind of stories I'm drawn to are the stories dealing with the struggle to belong, to fit in, to survive.

At the end of my life, I'd like to say I lived a thousand lives.


Everyone follows their own path. I've been lucky to have parents who loved me, even if they didn't always understand me. They gave me a foundation, a future and protected me from getting hurt. And then I showed up one day to tell them what I've known more or less since I was 15. They knew it too, but I think they just hoped it would pass. They've labeled me "fickle" and "prone to get influenced easily"; I prefer to think of it as avid curiosity.


When we were kids, movies, tv shows, songs or video games were our inspiration. "Worlds" to inhabit. We didn't just mimic roles, we staged and performed them to an audience of cultured, well-educated middle class (our parents). Before the era of YouTube, we were Kings.

I grew up watching movies with my family. What was significant, though, was when I watched them.

During even the biggest of holidays: American, Indian, Jewish, Puerto-Rican, Norwegian, you name it. Any occasion is a good opportunity to see a movie! Family fight on the road-trip back from Pennsylvania? Let's go watch something in theaters tonight! Netflix merely seeped more opportunities to watch into our daily, productive lives. Hey! It's more to talk about! That's been the attitude.

Movies were always a way for me to deal with my own problems.


I remember thinking about "college" in high school, thinking it was the same as "the rest of my life." You mean I have to seriously PICK what I want to DO for the REST of my LIFE? ( You can see my Indian parents were at work on my impressionable mind). "I can't choose! There are literally a million different things I could do and I don't know anything about almost all of them!"

They're response: "Well, we can tell you how it works to be a doctor, engineer or lawyer!" Followed by the inevitable sweetener, "You'd be great at any of them!"


Why? Because business is everywhere! America is business, the world of film and entertainment has always been a business. At business school - I figure - I should learn a thing or two about making money. Seems logical enough, right?

Turns out, business school teaches you a lot about how to be a good salesman, without actually learning how to make anything, how to build anything. And I like to use my hands.


Jewish Community Center / Law Firm / Country Club / Publishing Company / Financial Services Firm / Non-Profit / Consulting Firm(s) / Start-Up / Investment Bank


actor. writer. entrepreneur. new yorker.


adjective. MILITARY

1. absent from one's post but without intent to desert.

I think a person should be called one thing only, his name. But in a world of titles, positions, and twitter bios, you're either "something" or you don't exist. In either case, you are what you do, and I

Act in film and theater

Write stories

Operate a business

Live in new york.