Indian at heart, American in spirit


Nate 5 - 9 LOGLINE

Haunted by a bad breakup, a jobless college graduate molds himself into an UN-licensed psychotherapist to make ends meet, solving other peoples' problems while searching for his own life purpose.

Action Verb: Haunted
Inciting Incident: bad breakup
Fatal Flaw: jobless
Protagonist: college graduate
Outer Journey: UN-licensed psychotherapist
Crisis/Conflict: Make ends meet
Realization: his own life purpose

A Good Artist Does Everything

Go to a lot of film and go to a lot of theater. Read. Stop twittering. Stop texting. I mean you won''ll do it, that's fine. Go out to the theater with your friends. Find plays that you like. Go to movies. Go to an Opera, go to a ballet. Go to a great tennis game. Go to a great football game. Do everything! That's how you become a good artist, do everything! And don't annoy me

Larry Moss