Indian at heart, American in spirit

a bit about me

Some people know what they want to do their whole lives. Some discover it along the way and BANG, it hits them so hard they automatically do everything in their power to become it. Myself? I presumed to make everything more complicated, and can never decide one week if I want to be the guy who fell in married his high school crush or the NRI who returns home to India to start a company. Just like that, the more and more I discover about what it is you "do" as an actor, as a visual storyteller, as a writer, as a performer, the more and more I discover about myself, what I'm capable of, and living these tiny separate lives that are in some way connected.

By me.

Reality is cool, it's fine, either way I'm forced to live in it. But I had a feeling from an early age I'd never be satisfied doing just "1" thing for the rest of my life. I needed a lot of variety, I wanted to experience things that were totally unrelated and unrealistic or, "not practical," as my parents would say. I day dreamed and behind closed doors proceeded to day dream and imagine and, yes, play-act the stories that excited me. I never thought so much of it then. And then, you know, you grow up. And you start having responsibilities. I started working professionally since High School. I've worked at a ___________. Maybe my parents were hoping something along the line would stick. For me, it was always a means to an end.

Is it so wrong to say I want to inspire people. Is that too cheesy? Maybe "inspire" isn't broad enough in scope. But it's that feeling when you watch or read or hear about something AWESOME and just want to do something AWESOME too. THAT'S the magic right there. Other times it's when I'm at my loneliest or my most vulnerable, and then seeing something that strikes that chord, watching something that just 'gets it,' and all of a sudden I'm not so alone anymore.

I'm energized. I'm curious. I'm excited.

I'm those things most of the time, but they're at their peak when I'm a part of telling a great story. I didn't just find a home in my work as an actor, I found a business to run. My business. The business of me. It's just a business I know the most about, and it's what I'd like to make a career out of.

Everybody starts somewhere.

If you happened to start here, reach out to me! Let's talk.

If you'd like to represent me, I'd say you're pretty smart.

If you want to see more of what I do, watch this space.