Indian at heart, American in spirit


hi, my name is adit 

which is pronounced:  A - deeet

you may not have heard of me ( so glad you're here! )

i tried to find "my perfect role"

by working at a

/ Jewish Community Center / Law Firm / Country Club 

/ Publishing Company / Financial Services Firm / Non-Profit

/ Consulting Firm(s) / Start-Up / Investment Bank

but I found a home

in the romantic world of F I L M S

at any given time, you'll find me

/ pretending to be someone else

/ writing / creating / filming / producing a really cool Story

/ supporting Manchester United

/ finding / meeting / collaborating with others like me

( you know, living in new york city, in your 20s )

I've been called a(n)

idealist / romantic / dreamer / among other things

because I believe in building something

( even if I don't have it all figured out just yet )

I'm excited to

get to work everyday / tell some great stories

( gonna chase that feeling )

contact me if

you're cool. And serious about your work.

you'd like to represent me ( that counts as cool )

watch this space for

things I do / things I make / things I like