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NATE 5 - 9

Web Series

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Haunted by a bad breakup, a jobless college graduate molds himself into an UN-licensed psychotherapist to make ends meet, solving other peoples' problems while searching for his own life purpose.


Nate 5 - 9 traces back to an idea that a friend and I came up with while we were Seniors at NYU.

In 2012, I spec'd the script into a small webseries of 11 parts. During the summer, a core team of equally passionate filmmakers and I produced the series and shot the first 3 episodes, which can be seen here.

Personally, it was my first foray into producing and creating work from scratch. Seeing the process from start to finish and working with a team all the way taught me a lot about how a story really comes together from initial idea to final cut and publish. The goal from the very beginning was to PUBLISH work that we were proud of, learn from our mistakes, and gain some experience, all of which we were able to achieve.



Episode 2 was split into 2 parts. The goal was to present Nate's Origin story, how he "accidentally" came into this profession and a look into look into his past relationship.

Positives from this episode:

  • Shot on location at a bar; focused on a different lighting / mood for different time period
  • Flashback integration and some more dynamic shots

Improvements / Learning Experience:

  • We had a some amount of mic / sound issues having been our first "on-location" shoot
  • A lengthier episode that we had to split into two parts to hold attention, we learned we needed to be more concise and adept keep to our under 10 min guideline

Part 1

Part 2

Episode 3