Indian at heart, American in spirit

my new home


When I was 5, and I was on my way for a school field trip, I was humming to THIS TAMIL SONG on the bus. Oh, and I lived in Singapore. And I'd watched the movie with this song about 100 times that night.

Well, humming became singing, which became slowly getting the entire bus involved in singing the song, in a language most of them didn't even know!

And then we reached, and we all went back to our normal days.

Should've seen it coming...

I've worked at a

Jewish Community Center / Law Firm / Country Club / Publishing House / Financial Services firm / Teaching Assistant / Non-Profit / Consulting Firm / Start-Up / Investment Bank

my favorite shape is a CIRCLE




What can you learn about me in

1 minute?


admit that I haven't really been at this for long enough to brag about much. But I do really love to 


really great stories. The kind of stories that make you stop and think.


is one of the most best feelings ever.


X Factor / Turn-On / MOTIVATION / Challenge / Glory. If you want to know the 


path to finding out what it is you really love to do, spend every


you can finding work to do. In my case, I've worked at a

Jewish Community Center / Law Firm / Country Club / Publishing Company / Financial Services Firm / Non-Profit / Consulting Firm(s) / Start-Up(s) / Investment Bank

since High School.


Course, it helps to be healthy and in your 20s. And in NYC.

No I'm not


Average Business School Graduate with a Degree in Finance & Marketing.


demands meaning. I'm willing to do whatever it takes.

actor. writer.