Indian at heart, American in spirit
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Breakfast in Bangalore

Breakfast in Bangalore



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Mickey Finklestein is American, white and Jewish and happens to love India.

Latha is Indian, brown and happens to love expensive jewelry and fancy perfume…and also America.

Mickey and Latha, meet, fall in love and get married. They raise their children in New York so they can live happily ever after…UNTIL Mickey’s job needs him to move to India. Permanently.

What happens when chai meets toast, when the west gets bed with the east? Find out when the Finklestein’s and their three children wake up to Breakfast in Bangalore.

Think “Black-ish” meets “Modern Family,” with an American-Indian twist, in that order.

We’ve shot two episodes and scripted an entire season ready to show.

Having tested with Indian audiences in the U.S., Great Britain and India, we truly believe this sitcom has broad reach because of it’s cultural sensitivity and focus on the strengths of both Eastern and Western culture.

Character Breakdowns

Swetha, Subu and Tara, are straight third culture kids, Indian at heart, American in spirit. In other words: American-Indians.

Swetha, 17, child prodigy turned wise-cracking computer hacker, polished with a quick-silver tongue, Swetha tests her wit against her “insta-famous” classmates in social media 3.0 in the depths of indian high school

Subu, 19, Hollywood hair and not much brain to go with it, Subu’s determined to crack the game and “pick-up” girls in India, he just didn’t expect them to be so smart…or sexy

Tara, 21, idealist, activist, Tara is the ears of the family and the most likely to stage a revolt! Constantly in touch with current events, staging protests as close to the living room, trying to find justice in her new society

Jyoti, a transgender maid accused of stealing and disturbing the peace inside the house, quickly develops a crush on Subu

Dhobi, part-laundry man, part-laundry insurance saleseman, a “self-preneur” if there ever was one, who keeps the money flowing

Amma, the “Kitchen Nazi’ Grandmother hell bent on turning everyone back in time and raising them as good, disciplined Indians all over again.

Breakfast in Bangalore is funny not because it laughs at Indian culture or stereotypes, but with families adapting to new norms and traditions. A multi-cam sitcom that’s cheeky, exuberant and relevant to the audiences of today. Trust me, when you come from a culture with a 4,000 year history, there are just some things you know.