Indian at heart, American in spirit


  1. The Actor's Body & Psychology
    1. Exercise 1 - completed w/ voice recording - Fri Jan 9 - 1x
    2. Exercise 2 - all about the center - did a bit but not fully completed

This is where I stopped, really. Pathetic. It's Saturday afternoon. I woke up around 12:30 PM. After waking up like 2 AM and sleeping around 5 AM. Later....actually. I'm going to shower, do some vocal warm up, then do some of this before leaving. I'll check now to see if I have a resume and stuff.

Think less, do more.

  1. Cont'd
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    3. Exercise 3 - "I am a sculptor" done with freedom; haven't done the individual body parts yet. But repeated the sayings out loud


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